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Hajj halal bath products from soapy soap company

Planning your upcoming Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage?

We have some Hajj and Umrah friendly bath products you should take with you! All of our products are halal and alcohol-free, however, if you prefer to use only unscented (perfume and fragrance free) soaps, body balms, and lip balms, we recommend the following:

Hajj Kit (Unscented Halal Soap, Unscented Hajj Stick, Soap Saver)

Hajj Kit Soap and Stick Lotion

For dry skin: Kit comes with our travel friendly and moisturizing Hajj Stick, one Body Be Gentle-Unscented Bar Soap, and a soap saver. Click here for more information on the Hajj Kit.



Bar Soaps (use on hair, face, and body)-

For dry skinBody Be Gentle-Unscented Bar SoapIt is our most moisturizing soap due to the main ingredient being olive oil (zaytun oil). This bar works great as a hair shampoo and conditioning bar as well. Due to its extremely moisturizing properties, this soap can get very soft. Please keep this bar drained and dry after each use to extend its lasting power.

For oily skin: Deodorize-Unscented Bar Soap. This bar powerfully removes scents and is very cleansing. This soap lasts a long time and doesn't get soggy, even after being exposed to water.

Lip Balms (use on lips or body)-

Unscented Lip Balm- Made with sunflower seed wax (instead of beeswax and/or lanolin) this balm will keep your lips moisturized, so you can focus on your pilgrimage.


Body Balms (use on lips, feet, or body)-

Unscented Body Balm- Made with sunflower seed wax, this balm will keep your whole body moisturized. Rub this balm directly on rough, cracked, or dry areas instead of liquid lotions that can get messy.

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