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Aromatherapy Diffuser


The ArOmis nebulizing (or atomizing) diffuser we carry is one of the best tools to disperse essential oils into the air.

This nebulizing diffuser uses pressurized air at high-speed streams to throw essential oil(s) against the glass walls of the reservoir, breaking down the oil into tiny particles, which can then easily saturate the air. This delivery method is both powerful and instantaneous, which many aromatherapy practitioners value.

This diffuser is made of wood and easy-to-clean glass. Since our essential oils are so potent it’s important that they be stored in glass containers. The ArOmis nebulizer is designed so that the essential oils never come in contact with plastics-- only glass.

While using this diffuser, the oils’ natural state, temperature, purity, and aromatic characteristics are kept intact. Designed for those serious about diffusing essential oils, this is perfect for people passionate about aromatherapy.

The ArOmis unit is equipped with a variable speed dial so you can adjust the intensity of the aroma. The diffuser comes with a built-in timer function that runs in 10-minute on/off cycles for eight hours before the unit shuts itself off. The 10-minute cycling conserves oil and provides sufficient time for your olfactory system to process the aroma. The eight-hour auto shut off timer is perfectly timed so that it will run uninterrupted during a luxurious eight hours of sleep.


CAUTION: It is important not to let any essential oils come in contact with the wood base, as this may damage the wood.

  1. Take out all parts of the diffuser from the package. This includes: the wood base, glass container globe (with glass cap), and power adapter.
  2. Gently press the bottom stem of the container globe into the rubber hole in the center of the wooden base. The bottom stem should be about 4 mm deep into the base.
  3. Attach one end of the power adapter into the diffuser base and the other end into your wall outlet.
  4. Remove the cap from the container globe.
  5. Pour the desired amount of undiluted essential oil (10-20 drops are recommended), being careful not to fill past the tips of the two inner glass tubes.
    • NOTE: If you do go beyond the two inner glass tubes, the oil will drain into the air pump inside the base, which may damage the device.
  6. Place the cap onto the container globe.
  7. Turn the diffuser on by turning the metal knob clockwise, located at the side of the base.
  8. Adjust the metal knob to reach your desired intensity. Turning the knob clockwise increases the intensity, counterclockwise decreases it.


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