Eid Special: Handmade Wooden Picture with Islamic Nature Artwork




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Eid Picture Frame Bundle Deal: To celebrate Eid, we are offering a great deal on our handmade 5x7” Indiana Black Walnut frames: 1 for $60, 2 for $110, or 3 for $150! Each frame features a unique piece of Arabic calligraphy artwork behind anti-glare glass. These images are created using a nature-themed line from the Quran, with the title of the verse and English translation included. The back of the frame has a panel, which can be removed with ease if you desire to display your own photo. A durable hand-twisted wire is featured on the back for wall hanging. Each frame is unique and hand-crafted from a local Black Walnut tree, making it the perfect gift!

This handmade frame makes an excellent gift!

This frame is approximately 10 in. long, 10 in. high, and 1 in. wide.


Manufacturer Soapy Soap Company


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