Fanny Friendly DIY Easy-to-Install Solid Brass Toilet Sprayer Bidet



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Looking to reach the next-level of cleanliness? After poising on your porcelain throne, treat yourself like royalty to achieve that status! With our Fanny Friendly Easy-to-Install Toilet Spray Bidet, you can continue your day feeling fresher and cleaner than before. You already wash our hands after trips to the bathroom, so why stop there? Join the trend that’s been sparked worldwide- you (and your behind) will be glad that you did!

This hand held bidet is unique in that it's constructed with solid brass. Unlike other hand held bidets, these bidets are built tough and are designed for users that want a durable, long lasting, quality product.

The set consists of a solid brass handheld sprayer with a wall mount, a solid brass regulator, and a hose.

Key Product Features: -Solid Brass Hand Held Toilet Sprayer Bidet; -Easy to install- less than 10 minutes, no pluming experience required; -Ergonomic thumb groove on handle/sprayer; -Built tough and designed for durability; -Able to withstand a 10-pound per square inch (psi) water pressure.


Manufacturer Fanny Friendly, LLC.
UPC # 856027004978


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