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We here at Soapy Soap company love when we come up with new ways to channel our inner artists. Now is the chance for you to do the same with our brand new lip balm displays.

Holds 24 regular sized 0.15oz lip balm tubes.

We created a set of unbranded/blank gravity fed lip balm boxes that allow you to completely customize them in whatever way you see fit. Label them, stamp them, or even draw a unicorn on them! Get those creative juices flowing, we’re sure you’ll make this box work just right for you!

We worked hard to find the perfect box suitable to our needs... One that was unique, durable, and less space consuming. When we didn’t find one that satisfied those needs, we collaborated with a box company to design one that could. We are so satisfied with it, we want to share it with the world!

Ultimately, the box is more than just your blank canvas for lip balms… it's an optimally innovative organizational tool. The two openings on the top and front of the box were designed for easier refills and a clutter free display.The unique gravity fed technology ensures when one item is displaced, another one takes its place. The box has a unique locking mechanism in order to keep the compartment door closed during shipment, ensuring that the product does not fall out. The box is also made from 100% recyclable E-floot cardboard, which makes the box very durable.

Use it how you see fit…

In the kitchen?

  • Store and organize tea bags, drink packets, candy, and your favorite spices!

In the bedroom?

  • Discretely and efficiently store condoms and other intimate items.

In the bathroom?

  • Declutter by storing lipsticks, makeup tubes of any sort, cotton swabs, cotton balls, hair ties, bobby pins, adhesive bandages, alcohol pads and much much more.

In the garden?

  • Store seed packets, seed identifying labels, and decorative stones.

In the shed?

  • Declutter all those loose nails, screws, nuts and bolts.

In the office?

  • Organize your staples, paper clips, binder clips, thumbtacks, erasers, and any loose change that accumulates.

In the store?

  • Use it as a checkout counter top box.


  • Store crafty googly eyes :-)


Length: 79.3 mm.
Height (top most): 137.5 mm.
Width: 62.6 mm.
Weight: 1.130 oz.
Color: Kraft / Brown / Natural
Recyclable: 100% Recyclable
Inside Length: 72.1 mm.
Inside Height (bottom most): 114.3 mm.
Inside Width: 59.6 mm.

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