Handmade Wooden Picture Frame (5x7) with Islamic Nature Artwork



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This handmade emblematic picture frame is made from a real Indiana Black Walnut tree, and was cut, sanded, and matte finished to perfectly fit the included 5x7" Islamic artwork, creating a rustic, vintage atmosphere in any room. The front of the frame was delicately hand sanded and matte finished to amplify and preserve the natural beauty of the wood, while the sides of the frame feature the original tree bark finished with a gloss finish. The back of the frame features a simple removable panel, so, if desired, you can insert your own photo with ease, and a durable hand twisted wire to support wall hanging. Additionally, anti-glare glass was used for the front of the frame, which gives the concealed image a more natural appearance alongside preventing glares.

The included artwork is a work of unique Arabic calligraphy: The central image is of a calligraphic tree that was formed using a line from the Quran, Surat Ar-Rahman Verse (55:6). The title of the verse is written in plain text to the right of the tree, with the verse's English translation, "And the stars and trees prostrate," appearing to the left of the tree.

A wooden easel is included with your purchase, which makes displaying this piece easier if you do not desire to hang it.

This item is entirely unique; once you place your order, we will send you photos, showing the uniqueness of each frame we have available for you to choose from.

This handmade frame makes an excellent gift!

This frame is approximately 10 in. long, 10 in. high, and 1 in. wide.


Manufacturer Soapy Soap Company

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