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Holiday Gift Pack of Bar Soaps and Lip Balm by Soapy Soap Company - Front View Photo

The holiday pack contains:

-2 pre-made soap (by Soapy Soap Company): Replenish! Lavender Tea Tree, Moisturize! Geranium
-1 Eucalyptree lip balm
-Purple crinkle-cut paper
-1 small plastic soap saver - Place soap on this to help it dry faster and last longer.

We attached a bow and tie on a handmade tag card.

Our ingredients are cruelty-free, vegan, and halal, making our products suitable for people of all lifestyles.

The gift package comes in a reusable burlap sack, which can be repurposed as an organizational aid in the kitchen or bathroom, or turned into a rustic decoration. You can also fill it with soil and use it as a planter, and watch the roots grow through the plastic viewfinder. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, and “just because” gifts.


Cruelty-Free/Not Tested on Animals 100% Vegan 100% Halal Made with Non-GMO Ingredients Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients


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