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In our possession are our mini lip balm containers who desire to go explore the world. It seems like yesterday that we got them, and now they have grown up so quickly and yearn to have their own adventures. Now is the opportunity to buy our uniquely designed lip balm cap and container. These empty white lip balm containers were made to be customized. Label them, place your own balms in them, or set them up like bowling pins and go mini bowling in your cubicle. Use them and customize them any way you see fit!

We will even provide the tamper evident shrink wrap FREE of cost which can be easily applied to the container using a blow dryer. We can’t wait for you to enjoy your new adventures with your mini lip balms!

The tube and the cap come packaged separately for your convenience—saving you time from having to uncap them!

Each mini lip balm container can hold .05oz (1.42 g) net weight.

Each order comes with some extra caps and containers so that you have backups! :-)

If you choose our label sheet option for the 50 pack, your order will come with white label sheets (2 sheets x 42 labels per sheet.)


Cap Diameter 15.1 mm
Cap Height 14.7 mm
Container Diameter (TOP) 14.0 mm
Container Diameter (BOTTOM) 15.8 mm
Container Height 27.2 mm
Cap and Container Height 35.1 mm

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Submitted on 2017-05-20

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute sample tubes. Just made a batch of beetroot tinted lip balm to give to my customers. Thanks for a great product.

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