Walnut Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder




Walnut with bark on top
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Our wooden holders were handmade from Black walnut trees grown locally in Bloomington, Indiana. Each holder features the original bark of the tree with a soft, polyurethane finish, which accentuates the tree's natural beauty. Each holder was also hand sanded and received a matte finish, which amplifies the grain's natural weavings without causing them to lose their natural characteristics.

These holders come in one to four hole pre-made varieties, and we can custom make them for you with any amount of holes (even greater than 4) upon your request.

Each holder also comes with a tea light candle for each hole of the planter!

In addition, these holders can be used as air plant or succulent planters as well.

Note: Since these holders are handmade, each holder is unique and will not look exactly like the holders in the pictures do.


Manufacturer Soapy Soap Company
Walnut Bloomington, IN Grown

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