7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Natural Bar Soap

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Natural Bar Soap

How long does natural bar soap last? This is a common question we get from customers, and the answer is: it depends. With bar soaps in general, and all-natural or handcrafted bar soaps in particular, the life of the bar is based on how you use it, where you store it, and how you treat the soap in general. In our experience, a bar of SoapySoap lasts anywhere from 2 weeks (heavy usage daily for hair, face, and body) up to 6 months (occasional use as a sink soap for handwashing).

Here at Soapy Soap Company, we are very serious about quality and customer service: we want you to have the best experience possible with our products! So, we thought we would give you a list of ideas for helping your all-natural bar soaps last longer and do more for you:

1. Use a Soap Saver

Our #1 recommendation is to use what we call a "Soap Saver" - a device that you rest the bar of soap on when not in use. We specifically say "soap saver" instead on "soap rest" or "soap dish" because for best effect, the soap saver should drain the water, and assist the soap in drying out in between uses. This is beneficial because the drier you keep the bar, and the longer you let the bar dry out, the longer the bar will last you overall.

Large Plastic Soap Saver

When looking for a soap saver, look for any combination of the following features (the more, the better!):

  • There are holes or grooves that allow the water to drain.
  • The sides of the dish do not form a bowl, which would keep water cupped around the soap.
  • Bar is held up with small knobs or extensions.

We have some great soap saver choices available on our website- check out these links for more info:

2. Cut Your Bar In Half

If only half of the bar is wet at any time, the bar as a whole will last longer! Using a regular kitchen knife, gently rock back and forth until you cut through the soap. Be sure to protect your fingers! Repeat as necessary to get the size you want.

3. Watch The Water

Make sure that your soap stays dry as much as possible- for usage in the shower as body soap, move your soap bar to the opposite side of the shower, or even store your soap outside of shower curtain. When I stored my Body Be Gentle-Unscented bar outside of the shower curtain, it lasted for more than 3 months!

4. Storage Location

This is a great idea that we got from some of our farmer's market customers- store your extra soap bars in your linen closet, wardrobe, or clothes drawers. Your clothes will smell great, and your soap will dry out and last much longer.

Drying Rack
For our customers who like to stockpile soap, we recommend a drying rack ;-)

5. Diversify

Use multiple soaps for different purposes- one for hand soap, one for face soap, one for hair soap, and one for body soap- you'll get to try out many different soaps, and each bar will last longer.

6. Show Your Hospitality

Set a bar of soap aside for house guests or Airbnb guests. When the guests arrive, use a kitchen knife to shave off a slice for your house guest, and store the remaining soap for the next visit. A small half-ounce piece of soap could last them all weekend, especially if they make use of the tips in this article!

7. Save Your Barcodes!

Large Plastic Soap Saver

Another way to make the most of your Soapy Soap Co. bar soap is to make use of our Customer Loyalty Program- once you collect 10 barcodes, just send them over to us, and we'll give you a $10 off gift certificate!

Do you have any suggestions for making the most of your handmade bar soap? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! :-)

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