Vegan Blog Roundup:

7 Awesome Vegan Blogs We Think You Should Follow

Many of us here at Soapy Soap Company love experimenting with new vegan recipes and reading and hearing about other people’s stories of transitioning to healthier eating. So naturally, we’ve spent some time in the Veggie-space of the internet browsing many different vegan blogs, and we decided that we would share some of our favorites here with you :) (Note: The following blogs are presented in random order)

1. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows Logo

Angela from Oh She Glows provides her followers with TONS of different plant based recipes. On top of being completely vegan, most of her recipes are gluten free as well! Plus, she acts as an excellent resource for those who are just making the transition to becoming vegan, and her transparent writing makes you feel like you actually know her personally. Check her blog, and be sure to check out her cookbooks as well.

2. Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Fragrant Vanilla Cake Logo

Amy from Fragrant Vanilla Cake consistently comes up with the most delicious plant based dessert recipes, and she frequently uses healthy ingredients like fruits to replace sugars and makes her cakes gluten-free too — this makes her desserts much more healthy (well, that’s our rationalization for satisfying our sweet tooth!) Amy is also very passionate about important social and environmental issues, and we admire how much dedication and passion she puts into her blog, her work, and her ideas.

3. I Love Vegan

I Love Vegan Logo

Brittany and William are the amazing power couple behind I Love Vegan, and Brittany is always coming up with exciting new vegan dishes from all types of cuisines! Not to mention, they have an entire section of their blog devoted to resources for vegans/aspiring vegans and veggie-lovers, which makes their blog a GO TO resource for those of you who are trying to transition into the vegan (or even just a healthier) lifestyle, and for long time vegans/health nuts as well!

4. One Arab Vegan

One Arab Vegan Logo

Nada from One Arab Vegan creates and shares plant based recipes that are inspired by traditional Middle Eastern dishes and flavors. Some of us at Soapy Soap Co. are addicted to hummus and pita, so this blog is a perfect fit! She also blogs extensively about what it’s like living a vegan lifestyle in the Arab culture, especially in the Middle East (she believes that, while a bit challenging at times, it is still fairly easy!) Not to mention, Nada also provides some great tips for fasting during Ramadan (such as this one about staying hydrated: Ramadan Tips 101: Staying Hydrated), which is enlightening whether or not you fast yourself.

5. This Rawsome Vegan Life

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life writes some awesome vegan recipes, many of which are also gluten free and entirely raw! She also has an amazing collection of smoothie recipes that all look incredibly tasty (such as this Turmeric Smoothie), and they’re all super good for you. Emily also, like us, takes an enlightened, intellectual approach to important issues like social justice, the environment, and sustainability.

6. Healthy. Happy. Life.

Healthy. Happy. Life. Logo

Kathy’s super sweet and personable tone over at Healthy. Happy. Life., combined with all of the delicious recipes she shares, make her blog an absolute joy to browse — we could probably spend hours on it! Besides sharing her culinary creations, Kathy also shares her favorite vegan products, which makes grocery shopping for vegans and non-vegans alike much easier. She also made it on TMZ way back in the day for a website about Britney Spears that she created — how cool is that?

7. The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 Logo

Brandi created The Vegan 8 to share her super simple and healthy vegan recipes, all of which are free of oils, added gums, and tofu, and most of which are gluten free. And on top of that… All of her recipes are 8 ingredients or less. Seriously. How awesome is that? It makes cooking a breeze, especially since many vegan recipes require a ton of ingredients and steps, which can be confusing for new vegan cooks.

All in all, we find each of these bloggers equally amazing, and we encourage you to check them all out, learn something new, and maybe find some new dinner ideas in the process, whether you are vegan, love veggies, or are just looking for new food ideas!

What are some of your favorite vegan blogs? Let us know in the comments, and we will check them out for ourselves! :)

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