10 Reasons You Should Use Shampoo Bar Soap

10 Reasons You Should Use Shampoo Bar Soap

UPDATE: All of our Cleanse! bar soaps utilize our shampoo soap base! Here they are:

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Amidst the numerous brands of shampoo on the market, solid bar shampoo is the least likely to be found. In fact, you aren’t even able to get it at most grocery stores. However, it is beginning to gain a lot of popularity, and for great reasons! Here’s a list of 10 reasons that you should use bar shampoo, and specifically our bar shampoo: Cleanse!-Rosemary Mint.

1. It lasts longer than liquid shampoo

We’ve all been here: Standing in the shower — running late for work — desperately trying to squeeze some shampoo out of a bottle that has been more or less empty for the last few days. It seems like whenever you pick up a bottle, it’s gone before you know it. However, solid bar shampoo lasts much longer — it gets your hair all sudsy with just a few swipes through your hair, as opposed to a big squirt of liquid shampoo.

2. It doesn’t use any unnecessary packaging

Liquid shampoos require the use of plastic bottle packaging, and these bottles are often not made from recycled material, nor are they typically recycled. This is a huge waste of resources, and it increases our ecological footprint. However, solid bar shampoo requires virtually no packaging — in fact, the only packaging on our solid shampoo bar is a recyclable ribbon and label, which is much easier on the environment!

3. It doesn’t contain any synthetic detergents/cleansers

Our solid bar shampoo is free of synthetic detergents and cleaners that are typically found in liquid shampoos. Most liquid shampoos contain detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is know to strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and damaged. Instead, our solid bar shampoo uses all-natural ingredients like coconut oil to clean and gently moisturize your hair!

4. It makes travelling a breeze

Solid bar shampoo makes getting through airport security a breeze. Airports have strict regulations on what liquids and what quantity you can and cannot bring in your luggage, which is often confusing and frustrating, and requires you to go out and purchase multiple travel size bottles of everything. Not to mention, liquid shampoo can often leak while en route, leaving you a sticky mess to clean up inside if your luggage. But with a solid shampoo bar soap, you’ll breeze right through the airport, and arrive back home with clean luggage, not to mention clean hair!

5. You can easily use every last bit

You know how frustrating it can be to see a bunch of shampoo stuck on the inside walls of your shampoo bottle. You try to squeeze it out, but it just refuses to move. So instead of spending hours trying to get it all out, you have to resort to just tossing it — wasting all of that shampoo in the process. With a solid shampoo bar, there is nothing for the bar to stick too, meaning you can use it until it’s gone!

6. We use all-natural essential oil aromas

Rosemary Essential Oil Peppermint Essential Oil

Rather than using synthetic fragrance blends, we use all natural essential oils that are great for your hair and scalp, and which give our shampoo bar its wonderful, refreshing scent!

7. It can be used as a hand, face, and body soap too

Our solid shampoo bars, and other natural bar shampoo soaps are versatile! While most liquid shampoos should only be used for you hair, our solid shampoo bar can be used as an all purpose hand, face, hair, and body bar, making it the only soap you’ll ever have to buy again.

8. It’s super bubbly

Our solid shampoo bar generates a super rich and bubbly lather — one that behaves as good as, if not better than, the lather of a liquid shampoo!

9. It leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean

Our solid shampoo bars effectively wash any excess dirt, oil, or styling products out of your hair — all without stripping you hair of its natural oils! This results in your hair feeling squeaky clean and looking bold and healthy.

10. It leaves your hair feeling lusciously soft

Besides leaving your hair feeling squeaky clean, our solid shampoo bar also leaves your hair feeling lusciously soft! In fact, many people were able to cut conditioning their hair out of their daily or weekly routine, which in turn saves both time and money.

So instead of getting another bottle of liquid shampoo, give our solid shampoo bar a try! We think think you’ll absolutely love it.

Have you tried our shampoo bar, or any others? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments :)

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