#Flawless: Quality Checking at Soapy Soap Company

Andrew's Story: #Flawless

(This post is the second in a series of stories from Soapy Soap Co. staff- we hope you enjoy this journey behind the scenes! -Anthony)

     Today, I took a break from my usual Publications Intern duties to work in production in order to get a better sense of how our soap making process works. While I did not actually make soap today, I did conduct one of the most important stages in our distribution process: completing the quality check.

     The owners here at Soapy Soap Company strive to make and sell the highest quality products possible, which is why, for every single order, they conduct a quality assurance check to make sure that each and every product is in pristine condition. Today, I was given the honor of conducting this check.

     Before I began, Mohammed A. instructed me on how to complete the quality check.

     “Essentially, make sure each product is perfect. Inspect each label to make sure it is straight and clear, our address and the lot number are clearly displayed, and that the lot number is correct and consistent with the rest of the lot numbers for this product for this order. Also, tighten the ribbon if it’s too loose, and just use your better judgement if you think a bar should be switched out.”

     I listened to him intently, completed checks for several bars of soap in front of him, and then took a deep breath and began checking the rest of the products on my own. I delicately inspected each individual bar of soap and bottle of essential oil for any abnormalities. For each bar of soap, I made sure the label was straight, clear, clean, and displayed the correct information; I brushed any small, excess specks of soap off the bar, and checked to make sure the bar itself was clean, presentable, and free of any holes or other imperfections; and I tightened any loose ribbons to make sure the label was secure. For each bottle of essential oil, I inspected the label to make sure it was straight, correct, and that the lot numbers were clear and consistent.

     I took my time inspecting each and every bar of soap, and the whole process took me about an hour and a half. After I was done, Mohammed packaged each bar into its respective case, and I then initialed the box to show that I checked each bars quality.

     While the whole process was long, time consuming, and a bit repetitive and tedious, it ultimately showed me the intrinsic care and dedication of Soapy Soap Company — qualities that the three owners strive to instill in all of their interns and employees. After all, how can you ethically sell and promote a product unless you’re sure it’s flawless?

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